I’ve always been interested in art and the creative process. High school and college training led me to eliminate media that I wasn’t comfortable with which led to acrylic (as an illustrator) and eventually to watercolor. I have people tell me regularly that watercolor is a most difficult medium which is just the opposite of how I feel about it. I love the versatility, transparency and brilliance of watercolor.

I would describe my style of painting as expressionistic. I try to follow my instinct as to what color to use and where to use it with the sense that color and form does not have to be totally realistic. I use color, light, shadow and contrast to try to have my paintings inspire a personal reaction to my interpretation of the world I see around me.

Having grown up in central Illinois farm country, I have always enjoyed painting rural, mid-western landscapes. Since moving to Denver, I find myself hiking in the mountains, camera in hand, finding new and interesting mountain landscapes to paint. I am inspired by the light, color and form I find around me in the mountain west.

I also paint golf courses which, since I love to play golf, seems like a totally natural extension of my landscape painting. As both an artist and a golfer, I have a unique perspective on golf as art. I use color, light and shadow to try to have my paintings express a feeling rather than making a photo-realistic painting of the hole. At the same time I realize that the details such as the shape and placement of sand traps, cart paths, berms and other physical features, must be accurate.

I have a fine arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis. I majored in graphic design with an emphasis on illustration. I started working in watercolors in the mid-seventies and exhibited in a gallery in Decatur, Illinois until I moved to St. Louis in 1985. After an interruption to concentrate on my graphic design career, I resumed my painting in 2004. I now reside in Denver, Colorado. I’m a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. I exhibit my work in select galleries, golf course pro shops and juried art fairs.